“You Don’t Need Luck, Money or Magic to Create a Big, Profitable Mailing List – You Just Need This Surprisingly Easy Science-Based Approach That Really Works…”

The Difference Between a Trickle of Subscribers, Sales and Cash and an Unstoppable Flow Comes Down to Just a Few Surprising Tweaks. Here’s How to Make it Happen…

“Come on, man – why doesn’t my list make money?!”

I see some version of this just about every day.

Email marketers everywhere are struggling. They’re frustrated. And it’s especially maddening to look around and see other list builders who make it all look so easy.

You know what I’m talking about, right?

These guys and gals can send out a single email, and 15 minutes later they have enough cash in their account to pay their mortgage.

They can launch an email sequence that generates enough cash for them to buy a new car.

They can promote a product and crash the website with all their eager buyers rushing to the order button.

And it makes you wonder…

“What kind of hoo-doo voo-doo magic do these email marketers possess?… Or is it just dumb luck that they can create a gushing firehose of cash any time they want?”


You see, all of these list builders who’re generating eye-popping amounts of revenue are basically doing the same thing. They seem to be using the same playbook. But the most important secrets of this list-building “playbook” hasn’t ever really been spelled out.

Until now…

I’ve been building and monetizing lists for 20 years now, so I know exactly what it takes to beat the competition. I know exactly what you need to do to create virtually unbreakable bonds with your subscribers. And I know how to build a big, profitable list – and now I’m going to teach it all to you too.

Introducing my brand-new course called “One to Ten”. This course serves as your complete guide on how to rocket from a standing start to 1,000 subscribers in just a few weeks…

… And then you’ll find out what you absolutely must know to take that 1,000 subscriber rookie list and 10X it to a point it’ll fund the rest of your life!

Now let me be clear here…

This course isn’t going to go into the intricate, step-by-step details of list building, especially with regards to the technical information. Instead, this course will lay out the groundwork of what you need to do, and then fill in the “missing pieces” and advanced strategies you need to know in order to build a big list.

There’s plenty of free information online that shows you how to do things like set up your website, choose an autoresponder and all that jazz. This course focuses on the science-based strategies of creating in-demand lead magnets, crafting content that keeps your subscribers hanging on your every word, and monetizing your list in the best way possible!

Here’s a closer look at what you’ll get when you download this six-module course right now…



Introducing the Science-Based Model for Building Responsive Lists That Put Money in Your Pocket

Inside this first module you’ll get a great overview of the basics you need to snap into place in order to start building a mailing list.

You’ll find out:

• Why you need to start planning a sales funnel right away, and the four crucial components your funnel must have if you want to make a lot of money.

• The pieces you need to snap into place in order to set up your lead page and mailing list.

• What future issues you need to think about starting today in order to build a clean, responsive and very profitable list.

You won’t find a lot of handholding in this module, but you will learn what steps you need to take to start building a profitable list!



The Incredibly Effective Way to Build Subscriber Loyalty While Beating the Pants Off Your Competition

Here’s where you’re going to learn the science-based strategy of setting yourself apart from your competition, building unbreakable bonds with your subscribers, and how to get your subscribers hanging on your every word.

End result? You’re able to build a list faster, retain more subscribers, and generate more cash with every email you send!

Here’s a few of this module’s highlights:

• You’ll discover a surefire strategy for instantly positioning yourself as an expert in ANY niche – even if you’re brand-spanking-new to the niche!

• You’ll find out how to beat your competition by presenting yourself and your mailing list in a way that’s absolutely irresistible to your audience!

• You’ll discover the secrets of building profitable relationships with your audience – yes, this is the biggest key to making a lot of money with your list!

And more – this is the module that’s going to have you rocketing past your competitors and on your way to niche stardom!



How to Create Unique and Effective Lead Magnets and Lead Pages

If your prospects see one more rehashed report or video in your niche, they’re going to lose their lunch. They’re tired of seeing the same thing every time they land on your competitors’ websites. That’s why if you create something truly unique, you’ll get people lining up around the block to join your list!

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside this module:

• The four characteristics your lead magnet absolutely must possess if you want to be effective and profitable!

• How to find out exactly what your prospects want – when you do this the right way, money flows from your list so much easier!

• How to craft an effective lead page that gives your prospects compelling reasons to join your list (and what to do if crafting copy isn’t in your wheelhouse)!

And more. Virtually everyone has some idea about how to create lead magnets and lead pages, but this module shows you how to make them truly unique, compelling and profitably effective!



How to Create Emails and Autoresponder Content That Keeps Your Subscribers Hanging on Your Every Word

Many email marketers are dropping emails to cold lists. Instead of hearing the virtual ring of a cash register when they send an email, they hear crickets. You can join the ranks of the elite list-builders who make money every single time they send an email – once you know the psychology of crafting content your audience can’t wait to read!

And that’s exactly what this module shows you how to do.

You’ll discover:

• The little-known secrets of getting all your emails opened, read and clicked on. Yep, this is the key to creating a profitable list!

• How to craft engaging emails that keep your subscribers hanging on your every word… and eagerly awaiting your next email!

• Eight proven ways to further increase audience engagement and response. It’s like turning on the money spigot!

If you’ve struggled with low response rates and subscribers who grow cold after a couple months, you’re going to want to study this module to find out how to turn things around, fast!



How to Generate and Convert Large Amounts of Traffic Like a Seasoned Pro

So how do you build a big list?

The answer is to generate targeted traffic and optimize conversions. Inside this module you’ll learn how to do these two things effectively. In turn, you’ll not only build your list faster, but you’ll also improve your ad ROI and make more money!

Here’s what’s inside:

• How to maximize conversions the right way and FAST – you could be tripling or quadrupling conversion rates in as little as a weekend!

• The very best ways to leverage other peoples’ resources to grow your mailing list – these methods are fast, free and extremely effective!

• How to get your first 1000 subscribers using a strategy that’s so effective you’ll have dozens of other people lining up to help you implement it!

Stop wasting time using traffic strategies that generate “hits” instead of real visitors, and put this proven strategy to work to build your list fast!



Ramping Up Your Email Strategy by 10X

The first five modules are going to get you to your first 1,000 subscribers, your first sales and your first profits. Now here in this module we’re going to take it all to the next level and 10X your results!

Here’s what’s inside:

• You’ll get a strategy for reducing churn and improving retention – this is a big key to creating a responsive, profitable list that keeps generating cash for the long term!

• You’ll discover how to quickly and easily make more money with your list – this works just as well for small lists as it does for gigantic ones, so you can put it to work ASAP!

• You’ll find out how to ramp up your traffic to turbocharge your list growth – yep, another big key to increasing your profits over the long term!


“One-to-Ten” Checklist. This checklist distils the entire list-building strategy into a simple, actionable process that you can implement to start building your profitable list. Print it off and hang it up as you’re sure to refer to it again and again! [RRP $19]

“101 Ways To Grow Your List Without Ads”. This mini guide really packs a punch and delivers 101 fast and simple strategies to flood your landing pages with highly targeted traffic without spending a dime. This alone is easily worth your entire investment today as it could save you tens of thousands of dollars over the coming months. [RRP $19]

“Subject Line Swipes”. If you have trouble coming up with a good title for your emails, this bonus gives you plenty of templates for you to re-word to match your particular product that you are promoting. [RRP $19]

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