I remember the first several times I experienced the Price Increase Timer when I first started as an Affiliate Marketer. I would find a product that I wasn’t sure I needed. I wanted it, but did I need it? I would scroll down to the buy button (when I finally found it after scrolling for half an eternity) and see that the price is decent. But then also, displayed prominently, is a countdown timer showing me that the price will increase in a couple of minutes or within the hour.

This provokes a sense of urgency. You’re not 100% sure you “need” it but you are 100% sure you don’t want to miss out, so you hit the BUY button. This is a sales tactic used by marketers to “push you off the fence”. This tactic itself is NOT evil. I use it myself on occasion. I said, on occasion.

If I’m running a promotion with a special bonus offering, introductory price, seasonal promotion, etc., I set my timer to end and disappear when the promo is over. That’s it. If you waited, you missed out. This builds trust and a real sense of urgency the next time my prospect visits my site.

There are a number of vendors that I deal with who are true to their word. I know that if their timer states that I have 23 minutes left until their bonuses disappear, I better make up my mind quickly because they aren’t kidding. And I appreciate that!

Unfortunately, the problem with these timers is there are too many marketers who use them simply to deceive potential buyers into clicking the BUY button on the false pretense that the offer or special price will go away or rise when the timer hits zero, when in fact the offer or price stays the same.

Sometimes, if you refresh the page or leave and come back, you will notice the timer has reset to a predetermined time and resumes the countdown. This caused me to not trust these timers and I simply ignore them. If I’m not sure I need the product and the time is about to expire, I just go to another website. If I really want it when I wake up the next morning, I’ll revisit the site and make up my mind then.



Countdown Timers are an effective tool when used properly. Don’t try to trick people into thinking if they don’t buy they will miss out. When they figure out you’re a liar, good luck rebuilding your reputation. Use the timer wisely and strategically. You will gain your visitor’s trust and create a true sense of urgency the next time you have a sale.

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