Throughout our careers as Affiliate Marketers we build a vast contact list of Vendors and Buyers. When you are just starting out, this list will be small and easily manageable. You will be able to recognize whose list you signed up for, as long as the sender knows how to properly set up their email client.

On occasion, you will receive an email from a “seemingly” unknown sender. But before you punch your keyboard and start yelling at the monitor “I don’t know you! Leave me alone!”, and then immediately hit the Spam or Junk button…open it. This is especially important because marking an email as Spam is detrimental to the sender’s business.

You want to make sure the sender is indeed someone you did not give permission to send you anything. I say this because there is the chance that you don’t remember the vendor’s name that you purchased a product from. Or maybe the vendor is using a different name in the “From” field on the email. This is why I mentioned earlier the importance of setting up an email client.

Usually, the sender will put at the bottom of their email why you are on their list such as the product or service you purchased from them. If you find that now you remember who they are but no longer want to receive communications from them, simply scroll to the very bottom of the email and click “Unsubscribe”. That’s it. You don’t ruin their reputation and you don’t build a bad reputation of your own. You will be flagged by email services if you are constantly reporting everyone as a Spammer.

Now, what if the sender is actually someone you never gave permission to send you anything? You will most likely ask yourself “How did they get my email?”. Well, there are several ways including Solo Ads. I don’t recommend them to the beginner Affiliate Marketer because they will bankrupt you. If you’re experienced, they do work and will build your list but you must know who the top performers are that deliver what they promise.

But this site is about keeping safe from the deception out there. Solo Ads are not deceptive. Friggin’ expensive, but not deceptive. I want to expose a deceptive practice that I myself just recently found out about. By recent, I mean about 2 years ago from the time of this writing. I did not know this was possible but then again, I didn’t have a reason to until I was told about it.

I buy a lot of PLR and software with resell rights. I either offer these as bonuses or I change things up and resell as my own. Well, one particular software I purchased the resell rights to turned out to be sneakily stealing my clients’ email addresses and began marketing to them. Not cool!

Here’s how they were doing it:

  1. I sell the software to the client
  2. I collect their info including their email address
  3. I create their account on the cloud
  4. The vendor I purchased the resell rights from takes that info and creates their access codes.
  5. I email the access codes to my clients
  6. My clients are happy
  7. My clients start receiving emails from an unknown vendor without permission
  8. My clients ask “How did you get my email?!”

So you see, the vendor I contact to create the accounts is taking my list of clients and soliciting them without their or my permission. If this software wasn’t so good, I would simply take a loss and never sell it again. But it is incredibly useful and very affordable. I can’t reveal the product here because it is not a scam product. It does as was advertised and helps novice and experienced users alike.

So, what I do is inform my clients of this and let them decide what to do. If they hit Spam, it’s certainly within their right to do so because they didn’t ask for it. And it serves them right for stealing my list.


Don’t just hit the Spam button willy-nilly. Make sure the sender isn’t someone you signed up under before doing so. Also, sometimes the sender may actually offer a product or service that may help you. If this is the case, I would contact the sender and ask them how they got your email. If they don’t respond or have a good answer, enjoy smashing that Spam button 😉

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