Imagine this: You just purchased a digital product and you’re excited to start learning from it or using it as a tool in your business. You check out and then you’re presented with another offer. This is called an OTO (One Time Offer) or an Upsell. The price is, let’s say $47. It’s something that would be a benefit to you but you weren’t planning on spending any more than what you just paid for (the Front End product). You decide not to purchase and click on the “No Thank You” link. Then you’re immediately greeted with the same offer but for only $27 – that’s $20 less than what was presented to you previously… for the same product! This is called the Downsell.

This is a sales tactic that works on your mind and emotion. You see something that you like but the price is more than you’re willing to pay. So, if you see the same product at a lower price you will be more open to jumping on it and making the purchase.

Normally, I am all for this 100%. You see it all the time in the stores. They call it a “sale”. Nothing wrong with that. We all love sales and we all go crazy on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, don’t we? And if it’s not a sale, you ask for a lower price and it’s called “negotiating the price”. Again, nothing wrong with that.

There is nothing wrong with Downsells… if they are done right. How is a Downsell done right? It should be presented with something taken away. For example: Let’s say the product offered for $47 is a PLR product which includes a video course, an eBook, a DFY Lead Magnet, and graphics. If you choose not to purchase, the downsell offered should be everything previously mentioned less the video course, for only $27. This is only an example but you get the point. If you’re offered something for less, you should get less.

Now, this has nothing to do with the sales you see in stores and online. I’m talking about when you are making a purchase and immediately after declining the offer you’re presented with a lower price…for the SAME PRODUCT. This pisses me off!! Why not just make the regular price the downsell price? That is what I do. I don’t offer many downsells (funnels are too much work (yes, I can be lazy)) but when I do, I take something away. I overpaid so many times when I started as an Affiliate Marketer years ago that, for the longest time, when I was presented with an upsell I simply closed my browser and downloaded my product, completely ignoring funnels.

Today, I’m more mature and will see what is on offer in their funnels, but for only so far into the funnel. That is for another story…


Before you make a purchase of an OTO (upsell), right-click on the “No Thank You” link below the payment button and open in another tab. This way, if the product is something you are interested in you can see if they are offering it at a lower price.

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